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Can I stay?

October 29, 2014 LifeThoughts  One comment

My therapist tells me I'm not supposed/allowed to think about this, but being the angsty/moody writerly type that I am, I feel that my feelings aren't real until they're down on paper and out of my freaking head.

So here goes, most of you know that Andrew and I are spending January - March 2015 down in North Carolina to see if we want to live there. It's a trial run, but also an excuse to get the hell out of dodge for the worst of the winter months. If you didn't, well now you do.

(Side note: It's been an usually warm and sunny fall here in Michigan and I really think it's messing with my head and making me think things I wouldn't be thinking if it wasn't warm and were it's usual sucky self.)

I find myself trying to talk myself into staying here in Michigan after the

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