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Why I write romance

August 25, 2016 Writing  One comment

It came to me in a dream. 

"I write romantic dramas," I said to my now forgotten dream companion. 

I bolted upright in bed. 

I do write romantic dramas, I realized. Startled by the simplicity of that statement. A piece I'd been missing since I started writing seriously three years ago. 

Romantic drama. That is it exactly. That is my work. 

Romance being defined as a story that has "a central love story and an emotionally satisfying ending." 

And drama being defined as "serious presentations or stories with settings or life situations that portray realistic characters in conflict with either themselves, others, or forces of nature. A dramatic film shows us human beings at

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Honest to god thoughts I have when writing sexy scenes

April 28, 2016 Writing  No comments

As follows…


How do I describe this in a way that sounds more sensual than pornographic…

*Consults thesaurus*

Burning. Crashing. Fiery blaze. Waves cresting and breaking sharply.

Pure. Wild. Untamed.

Oh, there we go. Got it!

*Sits back and reads*

Damn, that’s good.


Oh crap, my sister-in-law is going to read this when she edits this.


Oh my god, my mother-in-law is going to read this.

Oh god. Oh god.


What am I doing?!

My grandma is going to read this.

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