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The Why: Running to Stand Still

May 19, 2016 Writing  No comments


Collin was who he was: simple and easy.Me? I was jagged and complex. I wanted everything.And despite how he made me feel—safe. It was clear to me that we’d never work out in the end.That divide between us would always be there.Because I’d never ask him to give up on the things he wanted.And, while I sometimes wished I could be that person, I wasn’t.

Just seven more months. Then Jamie Benson can leave this goodbye town behind her and start her new life in Chicago. She can leave this place of broken glass and cracked sidewalks and rusted fences. This place where nothing good ever comes from. She can

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You are all parts of you

November 15, 2013 LifeThoughts  One comment

None of us really changes over time. We become more fully what we are. Anne Rice

I have often felt that my life has been fragmented. As in, it does not add up to one cohesive whole.

My parents divorced when I was five and I spent the next fifteen years moving between houses: 13 in total (that's not including several of my parents houses that I did not actually live in - but it is including my several moves since graduating high school).

Along the way there have been several different step-parents, more than a handful of step-siblings, and extended step-family. So on top of the normal changes in a child's life and the evolving nature of families, there has been a whole lot of disconnect and constant change.

It wasn't all bad. There were times of

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