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Be where you are: the Truth about growing up

January 13, 2016 LifeThoughts  5 comments

I used to have big dreams for my life. 

If you were to ask my sixteen-year-old self what my life would look like, she could take you by the hand and tell you exactly what would happen next. She'd tell you: I'm going to graduate from high school.Attend Columbia College in Chicago and major in Journalism.Write and edit for the school newspaper.Graduate. Get a job working as journalist (details were vague in my head, but I imagined myself running around the city with a messenger bag and a notebook). Cover breaking news, heart-wrenching important stories about the suffering and exploit of people around the globe. Travel a lot. Have a cool apartment. And that was about the extent of it. But all I knew was that I was going to be somebody. I was going to do important

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