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Is it even worth it?

November 5, 2014 ThoughtsWriting  One comment

I am just now, a good year or so into my writing career, getting comfortable with the fact that I am, indeed, a writer. A year ago -- that dreaded time when you graduate from college and everyone expects you to like go off and cure cancer or be president or something equally great -- when asked what I was doing, would sheepishly look down, kick at the ground, and cough/mumble, "I'm writing a book."

I was embarrassed to say it because people didn't (and sometimes still don't) know how to react or were judgmental about it. Especially when they asked who I was published by (answer: self-published), where they could buy it (only on Amazon. Oh, not at Meijer? Or Barnes and Noble? Not even Target? They ask. And why not.), or if they might've heard of my book or maybe seen my name on a

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