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Character Profile: Nate

July 14, 2016 Writing  One comment

Nathan Charles BensonJamie’s brother

17 years oldDOB: April 17, 1994

Long curly brown hair that falls in his eyes, dark brown eyesLean, tall body with sinewy muscles6’0”No facial hair, some teenage acne, angular, long faceBoth ears pierced, small black gages

Graduates from high school in 2012 (when story takes place)Works ten hours a week at Charlie’s Place, usually back in the kitchen dishwashing

Considerate, sensitive, athletic, goofy, daring, funny, prone to procrastination, can be touchy 

Gets frustrated and annoyed with Jamie for not trusting him to make his own decisions and being so controlling.

Understands that going to a good college is important,

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