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Feels a lot like dysfunction

April 14, 2016 Writing  No comments

I’ve always said that, to me, writing is like exorcising demons.

But no, not like, it is exorcising demons.

I just have to get it out. I can't not do it — a sentiment many artists have said in one form or another.

And it sounds so romantic, doesn’t it?

So poetic.

Can’t you picture the writer toiling away at his desk in the wee hours of the morning, pouring his heart out onto the page, burning that midnight oil?

Can’t you see the musician, guitar in hand, trying out chords, scribbling and crossing out lyrics in a worn notebook, rearranging pieces until the song is just right, until it says what he needs to say, how he needs to say it?

Can’t you

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The Artistic Personality

September 10, 2013 Writing  2 comments

Most of us know that artists work and think differently from the general population. Granted, everyone thinks in his/her own way, shaped by his/her experiences and beliefs, but artists as a group tend to view the world in a different way. Namely, we have to find meaning in everything. And I mean, everything. If we don't find meaning in our day or experience something meaningful we are liable to fits of depression and despair. Whereas other people think, "I had an okay day. Everything's fine," we experience an existential crisis.

Most of the time, if our gifts are not nurtured or if we have not chosen a specific artistic pathway or even if we have, we as artists often do not understand ourselves and why we work and think the way we do. It can often be frustrating and

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