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Some Thoughts on Art and Humanity and Hitler

February 10, 2016 Thoughts  One comment

I recently read The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human by Jonathan Gottschall. 

In Chapter Seven: Ink People Change the World, he writes about how a pivotal moment -- in fact, maybe, the pivotal moment -- in Hitler's life was when, at sixteen years old, he saw a performance of Richard Wagner's opera Rienzi, with his friend August Kubizek. 

Rienzi is "the story of Cola Rienzi, the heroic Roman tribune of the people, unfolded in blasts of song."

That night, Hitler believed his destiny had been revealed to him. To be a great leader who led his people "out of servitude and to the heights of freedom." (Kubizek, August. The Young Hitler I Knew)

Over the course of his life, he saw parts of Wagner's Ring Cycle over one hundred times. 

Hitler loved art.

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Embrace the space of nothingness

December 16, 2015 LifeThoughts  No comments

Recently, I found myself in an art studio on King Street in downtown Charleston. (It was during my lunch break wanderings at YALLfest 2015 that I stumbled upon it.)

My eyes roamed across the walls and sections until they came upon the Walter Arnold Photography collection, and I literally could not look away. 

I was captivated. Breathless. It had me all geeking out like Cisco Ramon from The Flash... (got the "goosies" as he calls them)

In a world where no one stops talking, where new content pours out onto the internet and into our worldly sphere every second, where there's just too much stuff vying for your attention every waking second... it's a rare and beautiful piece of art that reaches out to you, makes you pause, makes you stop in your tracks, makes you

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Book Bewitchery 101: Big Magic… what I’d suspected all along

December 9, 2015 Book reviewWriting  No comments

It just took Elizabeth Gilbert writing this beautiful piece of work, and hitting it over my head repeatedly, for me to—finally—get it. (And also, thanks to my wonderful friends who gifted me with this book in the first place.) 

Creating—writing, in my case—is not about the outcome (in fact, Gilbert says, it can't be). It is not about how it is received by others. It is not about what others say or do or think about your creation. It is not about money. It is not about reviews or ratings or sale rankings. It is not about who knows you. It is not about numbers. It is not about success. It is not about suffering. It is not about saving the world. It is not about anything external. 

None of those things matter. 

Because creativity is not about anyone or anything else

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The Creative Process: interview with artist, Anthony Brass

February 14, 2014 Writing  No comments

To end the series of posts on the Creative Process, I thought I’d dig up some of my journalism skills from high school and interview a talented friend of mine, Anthony Brass, who has been putting out some pretty incredible paintings that have caught my attention.Bribing him with coffee (that I actually didn’t pay for), we met up at the Bean & Leaf in Royal Oak to talk about his paintings and his creative process. Me: I’m going to ask you some basic questions before we get started. Anthony: Like what my favorite color is and what not?(What a jokester! ) You go to Wayne State University now, what are you studying?Graphic arts. So I can go into advertising and be apart of the creative process. Realistically I felt like what was I going to do with a

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The Creative Process: takes time and flexibility

January 24, 2014 Writing  No comments

The Creative Process series is my way of trying to understand how creative people create.

Time can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the creative process, as least for me.

Creating takes time. It takes time to be inspired, to hone your craft, to produce, to rewrite, to see things clearly, to produce the best possible art you can create. And this is completely counter-intuitive to what American culture drills into our heads about producing more, faster, better.

Even in the writing business, it's all about producing more content and better content, at a faster pace. And while there are those writers out there that can write, produce, and publish two or three books a year, plus bonus material for their websites, plus have a day job, plus have a family - I am not

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The Creative Process: is confrontation

January 10, 2014 Writing  3 comments

 The Creative Process series is my way of trying to understand how creative people create.

The creative process is the way in which an artist creates or brings something new into being. It's the vision; the crafting of an idea; the act of sculpting, painting, molding, filming, acting, writing; it's the drafting process; the editing process; the act of engaging oneself wholly; it's taking what one see's in their imagination and bringing it forth into the world.

But before creation can begin, a confrontation must take place.

Because, you see, artistic people of whatever medium (graphic design, film, music, painting, drawing, writing, acting, etc) are people who are highly sensitive to the world around them. They see and perceive the chaos, the beauty, the complexities,

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