Scenes: favorite & hardest to write

September 15, 2016 Writing  No comments

My favorite scene to write was in Chapter 26 when Jamie shows up at Collin’s house on poker night. My heart was racing the entire time I wrote and rewrote it. I liked how Jamie was the one taking action toward Collin, even though she’d just dropped the “I’m leaving in six months” bomb on him the day before. I also had a lot of fun writing this scene from Collin’s point of view because he’s not afraid to confront her. The scene is rewarding because they’re taking a big step forward after faltering back a few steps.

“I can’t seem to stay away from you,” she said in a way that suggested how painful it was for her to admit that she could actually need somebody. “Even though I know you’re bad for me.”
           “Actually, I think I’m good for you,” I challenged.
            She shook her head. “Not when you break my heart you won’t be.”

It was also fun having Logan, James, and Dean make a cameo 🙂

In all fairness, though, all the confrontation scenes were my favorite to write — especially between Charlie and Jamie. I just have so much fun with those dark, gritty, cruel clashes.

The hardest scene to write was at the end of Chapter 41 after Jamie tells Collin about her past. I swear to God, I was pulling my hair out trying to find the right words for him to say to her because not only did they have to reassure her that he still saw her as her—as human, as someone who was worthy, as someone who wasn’t her mistakes—his words also had to be honest and sincere. In real life, we very rarely say the right things at the right times, so what he said had to sound authentic to real life.

“Shit, Jamie. I don’t know what to say,” I rubbed the back of my neck.  
         “There’s nothing to say,” she said. “But now you know.”
           I understood why she didn’t want to tell me. She didn’t want that to be who she was anymore, and by sharing it with me, someone who didn’t know that part of her, it became real all over again. It became who she was again.
           I could only imagine how she felt—tainted, ruined, guilty. But that’s not what I saw. Not at all.
           I knelt in front of her on the step and took her in my arms. She just sat there, not returning the hug. That just made me all the more determined.
          “You are still you,” I said. “This changes nothing. Not for me.”


Until next time, farewell & may your life never cease to be filled with wonder and curiosity. 

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