My Production Schedule for Publishing

February 2, 2016 Writing  One comment

If you’ve ever wondered how I go about writing and publishing a book, here’s generally how I go about things: 


Research and Development Phase

Rough outline 

      Sketch out some scenes

Develop characters 


Write first draft 

        Take a break (a month is good. However, for my second book the break was about six months.)


Read through first draft 

     First, for overall coherence

     Then, to take notes and make corrections (no line editing allowed)


Second draft – Act 1 (outlining and plotting as I go)

      Send to Stephanie (my discerning, analytical, awesome sister-in-law who is doing me a huge favor by lending her eyes, brain, and insight through a developmental edit)

Second draft – Act 2

      Send to Stephanie

Second draft – Act 3

      Send to Stephanie


Feedback and critiques round with Stephanie 

      Decide on title


      Back cover copy



Third draft to Beta Readers


Research, hire, and work with cover designer


Incoporate Beta feedback


Send out for a copy edit


Research, hire, and work with book promoter


Final draft


Library of Congress Control Numbers – PCN

Publishers Cataloging in Publication (PCIP) Quality Books Inc


Put paperback and Kindle versions together on CreateSpace (Amazon)

       Design interior layout 

       Upload covers

       Order sample copies


Quotes for promotional material

Extra bonus chapters/music playlist/stuff on website




      Send copy to PCN LOC

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