Character Profile: Jacob

August 18, 2016 Writing  One comment

Jamie and Nate’s defacto uncle
Bartender at Charlie’s Place

Last name: Unknown
DOB: Unknown

Jacob is still an enigma to me.

He was inspired by a bartender I encountered while out for my husband’s 25th birthday in downtown Detroit before a 21 Pilots concert at the Fox Theatre.

The second I saw him behind the bar, I knew he was going to be a character in my book.

The description Collin gives in the book is the exact narration I had in my head as I watched the bartender that night:

“I knew Jamie thought Jacob was a sweetheart—they even had nicknames for each other—but he was intimidating as hell. He must’ve been a hockey player in a former life with his thick neck and massive build. His nose was crooked, like it’d been broken in one too many fights and couldn’t be set straight again. And there was a thick white scar that ran across his left cheek. I wondered if the other guy even got away alive from that scrap. I’m man enough to admit I’d walk away from a fight with him. Because I value things like, my life and the ability to walk.

But I’d be lying if I said the thought of him being at the bar with Jamie didn’t ease my mind a little bit. Because look, a guy would have to be down-right out of his fucking noggin to go after her with Jacob there.”

Here’s what I do know about Jacob:

He’s a vet. Former Green Beret. 7th Special Forces Group. Area of Responsibility: Mexico, Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean. Stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.  He can speak Spanish and several Island dialects.

Plays on mens hockey league. Boxes at gym with Charlie. Does Cross-fit.

Quiet, reserved, a man of few words. Gruff.

Loyal, courteous, patient. Does what’s right, what needs to be done. He endures. He is tough, observant.

Judgement is one of his skills.

He carries a weight from the past. See’s the world as broken. And yet, he’s a pragmatist. A realist. He accepts that sometimes peace necessitates violence. 

Just wants to keep his nose to the ground and stay out of trouble. Wants to go to the gym, work at the bar. 

Greatly values the place he has in the Benson family. Loves them deeply. Would do anything for them.

As for how he got there in the first place? I have no idea.

I have a sense that he’s a Detroit boy. Raised in poverty, an indifferent/hostile environment.


And I think that’s all I need to know for now. 

Despite the lack of information I know about him, he is still an intriguing, integral part of the story. I think you’ll be just as fond of him as I am by the end of the story 🙂

And there you have it folks, the main cast of Running to Stand Still

Until next time, farewell & may your life never cease to be filled with wonder and curiosity.

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