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Collin Joseph White
Male protagonist
POV character

22 years old
DOB: April 19, 1989

Short blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, athletic/lean body build, broad shoulders and trim, tapered waist, rounded shoulders
Straight white teeth, soft skin, high cheekbones but soft facial features, full lips, sometimes has some facial scruff but usually clean shaven, no tattoos
Straight, but relaxed and confident stance   

Average, casual clothing, mostly from Kohl’s or Old Navy or Meijer, wears black work boots, and ball caps. Likes to wear long-sleeved thermals under his work shirt, relaxed, easy fit faded jeans.

Born in Warren, MI
Grew up/currently lives in Roseville, MI
Middle class family
German/English background

Graduated HS in 2007 – played football and baseball throughout school
Didn’t mind being in school, charmed all of the teachers, did the bare minimum to get by, did not study, did homework at the last second, naturally smart, intuitive, and logical
Favorite subject – math and science
Least favorite subject – English

Took a year off before going to college
Before and during college worked at car dealership as a car porter, lived at home
College (19-22), 3 years of 3 semesters at 15 credits/semester
Paid his way through college, no student loan debt

Works as an auto mechanic
Associate of Applied Science from MCC in Automotive Technology with a certification in Drivability and Diagnosis
Makes $40,000/ year can make up to $53,000
Commute time – 20 minutes
Work environment – standing; using hands; bending or twisting the body; repetitive motions; noise; very hot or cold; bright or inadequate lighting; contaminants; cramped work space; hazardous conditions; hazardous equipment; minor burns, cuts, bites, or stings

Daily routine – get up at 8, shower, get breakfast at Tim Horton’s (coffee with milk, sausage, egg, and cheese on biscuit sandwich, with hash brown), listens to 89X, gets at work around 9, works 9-6, and evenings are spent at home with roommates, playing video games, dinner at parents, out at the bar, etc.

Currently lives in Roseville, MI with three roommates – Dan, Steve, and Luca
Decorated haphazardly with handed down furniture and pieces from Craigslist. Very much looks like a guy’s home. He could afford his own house, but he stays because he is happy to live here, content. He’s also saving up.
House on the smaller side, about 1,500 square feet with an unfinished basement, with small lot. Chain link fence and unattached garage in backyard.

Drives a new navy blue F-150, 4 door 

No police record.

No major accidents or traumas.

Collin is social, energetic, humorous, outgoing, and fun. He is easy to talk to and get along with. He values hard work above all else. He is honest, sincere, and affectionate. Despite his hardiness and roughness, he’s soft. Gentle in a harsh world. Good. He is a hedonist. Restless. Mostly practical, but prone to impulsivity.

What makes this character worth writing about? He is caring, charismatic, and sensitive. Adores his family. Loves all-in.

Collin likes his outgoing and hardworking nature the most about himself. He is always there for the people who needs him.

He most wants to change his impatience and stubbornness and fear of change.

Family is very important to him.
Happy, simple home life

Parents –
Dad, Tim, sells cars at car dealership where Collin worked as a porter and became interested in cars
Mom, Sara, works as Medical receptionist 

Siblings – two older sisters who no longer live at home
Tara (27) Psychology grad school in Chicago, no boyfriend or kids 
Ashley (25) Married to Tyrone and has two young children

Not religious, doesn’t ever really think about it. If hard-pressed, he would say that he does believe in a Christian god and that good people go to heaven.

Big fan of the Tigers and Red Wings

Doesn’t really watch television (though enjoys a good Netflix binge as much as the next person)

Music – classic and alternative rock

Only reads automotive magazines (some of his faves: Hayne’s Manual’s, Muscle Machines, Underhood Service, and Automobile)


Hobbies – work, hanging out at the bar with friends and family, playing video games (Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty)

Likes to be active – Saturday’s when he’s not working he likes to play pickup games of basketball, football, baseball. Takes niece and nephew to gym to go swimming. Movies. Bowling. Paintball. Fishing. Camping Up North. Coaches nephew’s Little League team with brother-in-law.

Food/Drinks – Bud light, pizza from Cloverleaf

Stress and problems – can be immature, impatient, and childish. Response to stress can be overreacting, even when he initially tries to stay calm and evaluate objectively.

Capable of lying – not really

Capable of cheating – no

Capable of stealing – no

Fears – Being alone. Collin doesn’t think much about the bigger meaning to things. He enjoys his life, having fun and living. But he fears that, if there is something bigger, that he’s missing it.

Most comfortable when at work or hanging out with friends (at the bar)

Does not like to be bored, or feel stuck in a circumstance, or put on the spot

Priorities – Work, Family, Happiness

What/who is he willing to die for? His family and friends

Does he believe in fate? No.

Easy sleeper, falls asleep fast and stays asleep.



Places to visit – northern Michigan, Castle Rock at National Lakeshore, MI. Tennessee and Kentucky.

Things character would like to do – go whitewater rafting, shoot guns, and have his own house. Maybe buy a boat one day?

Long-range goals – establish is life in Michigan, move up in the car shop, become advanced in car repair and specialize in more systems, get married and have kids and a house (probably)

Short-range goals – have fun, enjoy life


Holland Code: Realistic-Investigative-Social

Myers-Briggs: ISTP (Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving – Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Sensing)
                 Just like MacGyver


Courage, determination, self-confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, generous, independent, dependable, practical, persistent, loyal

Impatience, silly arguments, allowing fear to limit choices, moody, short tempered, impulsive, stubborn, uncompromising, possessive

Charismatic marks
Athletic body, youthful attitude, a need to take the lead.

Comfortable clothes, taking the lead, physical challenges

Inactivity, delays, work that doesn’t use one’s talents. Sudden changes, complications


Up next: Jamie’s brother, Nate 

Until next time, farewell & may your life never cease to be filled with wonder and curiosity. 

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One comment to Character Profile: Collin

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