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Amy Michelle Benson
Jamie’s mom

41 years old
DOB: November 30, 1970

Round, welcoming face with rosy cheeks
Brown hair with soft brown eyes
Leans toward the thicker and curvier side

Dresses artistically bohemian with brown leather cowboy boots with a red and green rose pattern up the side, favors jeans, flowy blouses, color, likes eccentric jewelry

Vibrant, kind, gregarious, affectionate, alluring, resourceful


Musically inclined. Likes to sing, play guitar, and write songs. That’s what brought her and Charlie together. They used to play and perform together.

Musical stylings of Marie Wilson’s “Free”

Had Jamie and got married to Charlie when she was 18, Nathan when she was 24.

She left in 2003 when Jamie was in the 9th grade (14) and Nathan was in the third grade (8).  She’s been gone for 9 years.

  • -She couldn’t be held down by a family and responsibilities any longer. Felt overwhelmed and restricted, like she couldn’t breathe anymore. Needed to get away and do her own thing.
  • Wanted to pursue her dream of travel and music

Since she’s left she’s lived in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Houston, LA, San Fransisco, Portland, and Seattle.



Sagittarius have a vibrant, expansive personality that is free like a bird, Sagittarius cannot be contained.

Independent, great sense of humor, idealistic, generous

Unemotional, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, promises more than can deliver, can be impatient to the point of rudeness

Charismatic Marks
Open and interested

Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy

Details, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, clingy people


Just like lots of mothers, she is the single greatest determining factor in Jamie’s life. 

Amy isn’t a bad person. She’s done harmful things, yeah–leaving your family, not cool. But she didn’t act out of wanting to hurt others, she acted out of fear. And fear makes us do things that are less than wise. When you’re backed into a corner–or just feel as if you are–you start swinging. And you don’t care who you hit in the process. You just have to get out. 

To me, Amy is a cautionary tale. She represents what happens when you’re untrue to yourself. When you don’t honor yourself–who you are, what you want. In the end, you hurt yourself. You hurt those you love, those who love you. You leave a trail of devastation in your wake. Best to just listen to yourself to begin with. Avoid that whole mess.

But she also represents this shadow side that I think a lot of us fear in ourselves. I think that anyone who has a flighty nature, a gypsy soul, that insatiable wanderlust, fears leaving when they think about parenting. Fears their ability to stay put, stay in one place, be held down and be constrained. Wonders, “Will I leave?”
I know that I do. 


Up next: The things she leaves behind 


Until next time, farewell & may your life never cease to be filled with wonder & curiosity. 


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