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Chapter One & Chapter Two from upcoming NA Romance book

December 31, 2015 Writing  2 comments

*Not finalized version, apologies for any incorrect spellings or grammar. psst. Prologue not included 


Chapter One


December 31st

            There was just something about her.

            It struck me when I saw her; pulling into the small back parking lot of the bar my three roommates insisted I got to early to secure a table for tonight.

            Fuckers were lucky I had the day off and was bored out of my skull by the time seven o’clock rolled around.

            I pressed lightly on the breaks of my truck when I saw her slam the driver’s door of an old Jeep Cherokee shut and start walking towards the door, her dark hair blowing out behind her.

            She looked up at me and paused when she

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Book Bewitchery 101: Big Magic… what I’d suspected all along

December 9, 2015 Book reviewWriting  No comments

It just took Elizabeth Gilbert writing this beautiful piece of work, and hitting it over my head repeatedly, for me to—finally—get it. (And also, thanks to my wonderful friends who gifted me with this book in the first place.) 

Creating—writing, in my case—is not about the outcome (in fact, Gilbert says, it can't be). It is not about how it is received by others. It is not about what others say or do or think about your creation. It is not about money. It is not about reviews or ratings or sale rankings. It is not about who knows you. It is not about numbers. It is not about success. It is not about suffering. It is not about saving the world. It is not about anything external. 

None of those things matter. 

Because creativity is not about anyone or anything else

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Guilt & Fear & Self-Doubt

November 18, 2015 LifeWriting  2 comments

 I have been stuck in a place of guilt and fear for the better part of the last three years.


And it’s made it really fucking difficult to get anything of value done. (And by value, I mean writing -- my book, this blog.)


Guilt that said things like, “How can you even think of pursuing this dream of yours when so many of your friends and family are struggling: in jobs they despise? with debt? with money struggles? How selfish can you get?”


"If it weren't for your brilliant tech-rockstar husband who can financially support your full-time pursuit of a writing career, you'd never have the heart to do it. So that must mean that you're not a 'real' writer. And therefore, you don't deserve to do

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Is it even worth it?

November 5, 2014 ThoughtsWriting  One comment

I am just now, a good year or so into my writing career, getting comfortable with the fact that I am, indeed, a writer. A year ago -- that dreaded time when you graduate from college and everyone expects you to like go off and cure cancer or be president or something equally great -- when asked what I was doing, would sheepishly look down, kick at the ground, and cough/mumble, "I'm writing a book."

I was embarrassed to say it because people didn't (and sometimes still don't) know how to react or were judgmental about it. Especially when they asked who I was published by (answer: self-published), where they could buy it (only on Amazon. Oh, not at Meijer? Or Barnes and Noble? Not even Target? They ask. And why not.), or if they might've heard of my book or maybe seen my name on a

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This is why I write

October 29, 2014 Writing  No comments

Being an artist has something to do with being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive.Emily P Freeman

A love of writing stems from a love of reading. I love fiction. I love the tension and the angst. I love the boldness of feeling characters have. I love getting to experience a whole world separate from the reality I live in. I love how fiction makes sense of things and puts seemingly random events into order and context.

In the moment of writing, I absolutely love it. I love thinking about what's happening and what's going to happen next. I love planning out plots. I love laying awake at night trying to puzzle together the story. I love words and what happens when you string them together to paint a scene. I love the passion I have for my

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Figuring out this whole writing process thing the second time around

August 20, 2014 Writing  No comments

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.  Saul Bass

My first novel came out two months ago, and after a short (shorter than I intended anyways, because I was going fucking insane) hiatus, I am starting my next project. And now that I've been through the ringer once, I'm trying something different this time ...

The first time around I reworked the draft as I went. If I wrote a chapter a week, I would write the first half one day. The next day I'd come back and reread and rework that material before devising new material. And then the next day I would rework that. I was continuously reworking as I wrote. I enjoyed this process, honestly.

But this time, I think I'm gonna try to hold back on the reworking as I write. This time, I'm going to

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The Creative Process: interview with artist, Anthony Brass

February 14, 2014 Writing  No comments

To end the series of posts on the Creative Process, I thought I’d dig up some of my journalism skills from high school and interview a talented friend of mine, Anthony Brass, who has been putting out some pretty incredible paintings that have caught my attention.Bribing him with coffee (that I actually didn’t pay for), we met up at the Bean & Leaf in Royal Oak to talk about his paintings and his creative process. Me: I’m going to ask you some basic questions before we get started. Anthony: Like what my favorite color is and what not?(What a jokester! ) You go to Wayne State University now, what are you studying?Graphic arts. So I can go into advertising and be apart of the creative process. Realistically I felt like what was I going to do with a

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The Creative Process: gives meaning

February 7, 2014 Writing  No comments

 The Creative Process series is my way of trying to understand how creative people create.

The encounter of the artist with their inner world might be the core of the creative process. But why do we do it? What is the whole point of the confrontation, the struggle, the futility of realizing an abstract idea into a concrete form?

The point is simply that creating gives us meaning.

To give something meaning is to have significance or have a worthwhile, important quality.

Creating gives personal meaning and identity. It helps us as people understand our purpose and what we're here for. For artists, the actual act of creating is our purpose. We exist to live and to live is to create.

Everyday when I engage in writing, I have a purpose. If I do

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The Creative Process: is encounter

January 31, 2014 Writing  No comments

 The Creative Process series is my way of trying to understand how creative people create.

To create is an act, a verb, if you will. It is not passive, but active and requires participation. Creativity is the process of "bringing something new into being," (The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People).

Creating is completely depleting and often you reach a point where you don't think you can continue for another second because what you see in your head is not translating through your words or art.  So, frustrated and weary, you go watch some Netflix or go to the bar to drown your sorrows with some alcohol, and then the next day you get back up and do it again.

Because you're compelled to - by the encounter.

The encounter is the

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The Creative Process: takes time and flexibility

January 24, 2014 Writing  No comments

The Creative Process series is my way of trying to understand how creative people create.

Time can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the creative process, as least for me.

Creating takes time. It takes time to be inspired, to hone your craft, to produce, to rewrite, to see things clearly, to produce the best possible art you can create. And this is completely counter-intuitive to what American culture drills into our heads about producing more, faster, better.

Even in the writing business, it's all about producing more content and better content, at a faster pace. And while there are those writers out there that can write, produce, and publish two or three books a year, plus bonus material for their websites, plus have a day job, plus have a family - I am not

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