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I’m not who you say I am

October 28, 2014 LifeThoughts  One comment

Just like many of other people, all of my life I've been told that I could do anything I wanted to do, become anyone or anything I put my mind to. Unfortunately, it's taken me a long time to tease out what I want to be verses who other people wanted me to be.

In the eighth grade, I started my own small group (bible study) for my group of middle school friends because there wasn't one. And then I started up another one at my high school because I was supposed to be a leader and I was supposed to want to bring Jesus into my school and "shine His light". I was supposed to want to pray every morning with my friends for the salvation of my peers, because surely that's what good, devoted Christian girls do? Good Christian girls didn't sit in a quiet classroom for twenty minutes before

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We will be radiant: heaven as I see it

March 14, 2014 LifeThoughts  No comments

 Ask a hundred people what their idea of heaven is and you will get a hundred different answers. We've all heard the idea of paradise, of clouds in the sky, of the pearly gates.

In Supernatural, heaven is described as individual bubbles or dimensions - heaven is what you create it to be. In What Dreams May Come, heaven is this beautiful, colorful, glowing place.

We've heard how all "good" people go to heaven. We've also heard how only those who believe in Jesus Christ as the savior of mankind get into heaven. But I'm not here to discuss dogma or religion or logistics. That's another post, another day.

To me, heaven is a place where we all must go. In this heaven,

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30 days of truth

January 2, 2014 LifeThoughts  No comments

In lieu of a New Years Resolution, I've decided to kick off 2014 with 30 days of truth, wherein each day of January I will share with all of you great people revealing, honest things about myself (that you may or may not know) in an attempt to be open and transparent. This honestly scares the hell out of me, which is exactly why I am going to do it. So here we go ...

Day 30        I thought writing would be cozy and comfortable (silly me). Turns out, being a reader is cozy and comfortable. Being a writer is actually the most uncomfortable, unsettling, yet exhilarating thing I've ever done.

Day 29        I am afraid that the farther I move away from where I came from, the less real and accessible I become.

Day 28      

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Just be (effing) nice to people

December 20, 2013 LifeThoughts  One comment

Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.Desmond Tutu

When I was in elementary school, I went to the local skating rink The Great Skate almost every single weekend with my best friend and her dad. If you went on Sunday afternoons, which we always did, you got a ticket for a free hot dog, bag of chips, and a drink.

I remember it smelled like old socks, even older carpet, and the worst kind of concession food, but that didn't matter because the referee - jersey wearing employees were always older hott teenage boys and the music was awesome (straight off NOW! That's What I Call Music 3).

Really takes you back, doesn't it?

But one day, in between Smash Mouth, Backstreet

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What marriage has taught me about relationships and love (so far) – Part III

December 13, 2013 LifeThoughts  No comments

Welcome to the last and final installment of this mini-series on marriage and love.

 I want to make it clear that I am not trying to sell you on marriage - just sharing my experience of it, which has been really great. So when I talk about marriage, the principles can also be applied in the context of a committed, long-term, meaningful relationship. I do not look down upon people who choose not to get married. Get married, don't get married - doesn't really matter to me.

Five more principles I have learned from marriage -Be patient, understanding, and excited as your partner grows and evolves.My husband and I have been together since I was 15 - let that sink in for a minute. That means by the time I am 30 I will have been with him for half of my life!

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What marriage has taught me about relationships and love (so far) – Part II

December 6, 2013 LifeThoughts  One comment

My husband and I never considered divorce ... murder sometimes, but never divorce.Joyce Brothers

Continuing from my last post, these next few ideas are much more applicable to relationships in a day to day, real way.

So let's jump right in ....

It is important to give each other space. Granted, I am probably on the far end of the spectrum when it comes to Neediness - but I am here to tell you, that it is OKAY to do your own thing. It's okay to not go to bed at the same time. It's okay if you want to go out on a Saturday night with your friends and leave your S.O. to their own devices. It's okay if your S.O. wants to go out with their friends every once in a while without you there.

It's healthy, nay vital, to have your

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What marriage has taught me about relationships and love (so far)

November 22, 2013 LifeThoughts  One comment


My husband, Andrew, and I have been married for about two and a half years, but we have been together for seven years (since I was fifteen) and have lived together for about five.

I will admit that I have a pretty awesome husband and we have a solid relationship. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't take work and effort. Which leads me to my first point ...

It takes effort.

That's the understatement of the year, isn't it?

No matter how strongly you feel towards your spouse/partner/significant other ('sig oths' as Schmidt would say, thank you Thought Catalog), life has a really great way of getting in the way. Despite what Nicholas Sparks would have you believe, romance can and will get lost in the hectic hustle and

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You are all parts of you

November 15, 2013 LifeThoughts  One comment

None of us really changes over time. We become more fully what we are. Anne Rice

I have often felt that my life has been fragmented. As in, it does not add up to one cohesive whole.

My parents divorced when I was five and I spent the next fifteen years moving between houses: 13 in total (that's not including several of my parents houses that I did not actually live in - but it is including my several moves since graduating high school).

Along the way there have been several different step-parents, more than a handful of step-siblings, and extended step-family. So on top of the normal changes in a child's life and the evolving nature of families, there has been a whole lot of disconnect and constant change.

It wasn't all bad. There were times of

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A walk in the woods

November 1, 2013 LifeThoughts  No comments

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Henry David Thoreau

 This is one of those random-thoughts posts. Just a heads up.

There are a lot of times when I feel like I'm suffocating, like I need to get out of here RIGHT THIS SECOND. When this feeling comes sneaking up - maybe due to the fact that I have too much to do, I'm too tired to do it all, I'm feeling uninspired, or I just watched three straight hours of country music videos - I need to get "away". Sometimes that means booking a hotel somewhere, hoping in the car, and going. Other times life isn't so flexible, so I go to a nearby

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Culture of discontent and judgement

October 11, 2013 ThoughtsWriting  No comments

If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.Frank Zappa


Recently, I have been doing a lot of research on the publishing industry and just how difficult it is to break into the market and be successful (more on this coming up in my next post).

As I've said earlier, I've given myself a year to "figure out" -  to live in what it feels like to be a writer, without any obligations or pressure from myself (it's funny how I think this is actually possible). In concert with last week's post about other career choices, and thinking about the future, I have to stop and ask myself: is how my life is right now

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