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Mortar between the bricks

March 1, 2019 Writing  One comment

Writing, for me, has changed over the years since I first began. 

In 2013, when I “officially” began, I was just taking the year after college graduation to finally write this damn story down that had been floating around in my head since senior year of high school. Do you know what it’s like to have something—an inkling, the ether of an idea—floating around in your head for four years without reaching fruition? Then you’ll understand my need to get it down on paper. 

It wasn’t going to be a career, not even then. Sure, pressure from all around me made me feel as though that’s how I had to go about it—seeking agents and publishers. But in the end, I had to do it my own way. I was never one for boxes. Or for doing what I’m told for that matter.


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